Inner Movements Therapies

Anna Ginzburg GCFPCM | LCSW

Feldenkrais Practitioner & Psychotherapist

This site has a goal to create a safe enough space to learn about everything and everywhere.

To explore thoughts and feelings during psychotherapy sessions.

To feel and experience during Awareness Through Movement lessons.


About Psychotherapy

Healing Psychotherapy is investigation and contemplation about trauma. I believe that including mindful somatic inquiry in talk therapy and personal reflections during mastering your movements will increase effectiveness and quality of recovery and healing in any stage of your life.

Water-Feldenkrais Method

About Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® teaches to find long-term relief from pain or other problems related to the stresses of life. You don’t stretch or strain in Feldenkrais lessons. You seek freedom and ease in movement through awareness and understanding of your whole


About Trauma Oriented Approach

Trauma is more common than people think. Trauma can be ranged from military combat and sexual abuse to one-time event such as medical procedure. Childhood emotional neglect one of the most hidden trauma experiences in our times. As a result,

Together we will learn how to replace Fear to Equanimity, Shame to Joy, Anger to Power

“As more I became comfortable in my inner movements as more courageous and accepting grew my thoughts and actions.” M. Feldenkrais

I work with following chronical issues:

Anger Management

Anxiety | Panic Attacks

Attachment and Developmental Issues



Burnout in Helping Professions

Childhood Emotional Neglect




Intimacy Issues

Intergenerational Trauma

Mood swings

Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem/acceptance


Social Anxiety

Anna Ginzburg

A bit about me

I put a lot of energy and effort into doing my own work of self-inquiry and self-development. I know how to be a client myself and well aware how much therapy which done with sensitivity, curiosity and improvisation can accomplish. With acceptance and validation, I will show you how and will support you in achieving your goals.

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