Anna Ginzburg GCFP | LCSW

I work with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, life transitions or new adjustments, relational stress and various post traumatic experiences. Therapy works mostly for people who are ready for a change and able to be actively involved in process of exploration and improvement in quality of own life. It is not easy work and requires a lot of effort and support. I will provide necessary directions and encouragement to keep stable space for readjustment and recovery.

My therapeutic practice is compassionate, open, direct, and sensitive to immediate client’s needs. I use several evidence-based therapeutic modalities, including DBT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing along with mindfulness and empowerment techniques to help facilitate growth and setting long and short-term goals.

I use my own life experiences, and excessive trainings in psychotherapy, somatic education, and spirituality to connect with clients and assist them in most effective way.

My goal is co-create a safe enough space together where all needs will be faced and explored.

We will need to find ways to shift from knowing alone to knowing together whatever needs to be known. Next steps will be to learn how to change what is necessary to change and how enjoy the unchanged.


During my trainings and personal search, I became fluent in many topics and theories but only Feldenkrais Method® helped me to put pieces of my life puzzle together. I want to preserve this practice as tool of achievement of everyone’s infinite Okeyness.


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