Are you satisfied with your posture? Are you satisfied with your breathing? Are you satisfied with your life?

-Why do I need to be interested in these?

-Because it is simple and easy and more.

-How it is more?

-Feldenkrais is different and long. May be if you check this different and long, you will be interested in more.

-Why should I be in interested in more?

-You will answer yourself, but Method can be a huge help.

Why is this important?

Because you may look for long lasting satisfaction in posture, in breathing, in life.

What is long lasting satisfaction?

It is never stagnant balance, less compulsions and boredom.

Who am I?

I am psychotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner want to investigate interconnectedness. Ready to speak about sense and spirit when body and mind balanced and grounded. I want to study harmony in each step, gesture, and sigh – connect developmental past with present, find freedom from inner and outer compulsions through safe simple or sophisticated experiments.

Why do I care?

I want to help people to sense and enjoy the freedom. It is not easy and sometimes scary, but it is the only possible way to find peace.

Moshe Feldenkrais wrote that freedom is in finding alternative ways of doing things – to have free choice. When we are aging choices became habits, habits became compulsions. Compulsions are our fear and anger and many other uncomfortable feelings that possible to see and dissolve through gentle and relaxing, but firm and intelligent practice.

What is my goal?

As psychotherapist I want to extend the skill. Feldenkrais wrote: “As verbal abstraction becomes more successful and more efficient, man’s thinking and imagination become further estranged from their feelings, senses and even movements.” When all words were said but habits are still present Feldenkrais method will be next step for liberation – sense of safety and joy.

For example, you suffer from lower back pain for last 10 years and no pain management specialist can find the source of problem, they send you to mental health professional but you more than aware of all your psychological pathways.  Feldenkrais Method or Awareness Through Movement will gently direct your inner knowledge to right point of your life story for deeper exploration and evaluation. Following direction of the movement you will anchor yourself in present moment but travel to different levels of consciousness, memories, body sensations. The goal of this trip is to find the only relevant answer for only your question.

What will happen if the Method is right for you? Moshe Feldenkrais said that only way to know yourself is to learn what you do and not what you should do.  Your world image will change when you learn who you are and what is your unique movement in your unique environment.

The only prerequisite for the Feldenkrais practice is person’s ability to slow down and pay attention. Freedom is sense that you are free from old story, and you are ready to build, write or play a new one.


Feldenkrais, M. (1977). Awareness through movement: Health exercises for personal growth.

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Anna Ginzburg

Anna Ginzburg

Anna Ginzburg - Feldenkrais Practitioner and Psychotherapist. Inner Movements Therapies - GCFP&LCSW

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