Rates for Psychotherapy sessions:

Initial contact is the first step, then individual sessions will be scheduled, and necessary paperwork completed.

Initial Interview is the first session where your we will discuss your concerns and actions you already made. What has worked and what hasn’t work. What would you like to achieve.

Initial Interview always takes 60 minutes. Ongoing sessions may vary depending on client’s needs, communication priorities, life circumstances.

Rates for Individual services.

60 min sessions – $ 190

45 min sessions – $150

30 mins sessions – $100


Rates for Feldenkrais Method® sessions:


Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) group practice.

4-6 participants follow verbal guidance for movement theme. Each lesson will include body scan and authentic Feldenkrais movement lessons – slow motion with necessary observations of body reaction and optional discussion about inner observations about bodily sensations during the last 15 mins.

Duration 60 mins – Monthly rate $100.


Functional Integration® (FI) individual practice.

Available after introductory ATM course.

60 min sessions – $ 150



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