Inner Movements Therapies Payment Policy

I (Anna Ginzburg GCFP|LCSW) understand that sometimes you will be unable to attend your appointment or have to cancel an appointment. I take care to maintain the ethical guidelines of NASW and FGNA standard policy. These guidelines have been set up to accord with industry standard practice and guidelines.

Payment condition

Payment should be made prior to therapy sessions. Therapy will not be commenced without receipt of payment. Payments are non-refundable unless cancelled with 24hr notice. See cancellation policy for more details.

Payment can be made via Credit Card

Account: Inner Movements Therapies – Anna Ginzburg

Healthcare Insurance Policies

Out of Network

If you plan to use private healthcare insurance to help you with therapy costs, then you should discuss this fully with your healthcare insurance provider. You should be aware that many insurers limit the costs that they may be willing to pay (either per session/hour or as a total cap on treatment costs) so you need to ensure that you are happy with the amount that is to be paid by the insurer. You will be fully responsible for payment of any shortfall in the fees.

It will be your responsibility to inform your insurer of the type and costs of treatment and to pass all details to the insurer so that they can arrange payment directly.

Initial Free Consultation

I offer an initial consultation of no more than 30 minutes, usually to take place by way of distance medium (telephone, zoom).

The free consultation will offer you and the Consultant the opportunity to:

Check how we can engage comfortably before committing to any paid treatment:

Establish preferred video platform suits or in-person suits you and your therapist.

Allow for a brief initial understanding of the problems you want to address in therapy.

No actual advice will be offered during this consultation.

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